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Watch for symptoms of brain injury after a car accident

Many people in Colorado do not understand just how serious and life-threatening car accidents can be. While it is not uncommon to hear about victims walking away from their ordeals, it is equally common to find accident victims developing brain injuries from them.

You may have trouble imaging yourself as the victim of such an incident, but you cannot predict accidents. Along with minor to moderate injuries, any car accident brings the risk of life-changing brain trauma. Understand the importance of seeking immediate medical attention if you exhibit any symptoms of brain injury following an accident. 

How brain injuries occur in car accidents 

Brain injuries occur when a person’s head sustains blows to the head from impact and from penetrating objects. Back-and-forth, whiplash-like motion can cause the brain to bruise and damage the cells and blood vessels. It can also put pressure on the brain, causing swelling and inflammation. 

The impact of brain injuries on health 

Mild brain injuries are usually nonlife-threatening and short-term. However, moderate brain injuries can turn into more severe ones. Traumatic brain wounds can cause long-term physical and cognitive damage, leading to the need for ongoing medical care and early death. Brain injuries disrupt the functions of the body, resulting in nerve disorders, cognitive issues, loss of mobility and organ failure. 

How brain injuries affect car accident victims 

Initially, a car accident victim may appear to be dazed, confused, shocked and may also have a mild concussion. They may also feel nauseated or vomit. Other victims seem fine immediately after their incidents, only to develop signs of brain injuries in the hours and days that follow. 

There could be internal bleeding inside of their skulls that gets progressively getting worse, resulting in the deterioration of cognitive and physical health. If such patients do not receive immediate attention, they could end up with permanent brain damage or even lose their lives. 

It is important for you to monitor yourself and your loved ones for the signs of brain injuries after a car accident and to visit a doctor if any symptoms occur. You may seem reasonably well, but life and death situations can still arise without appropriate medical intervention.

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